Monday, March 13, 2006

Theology Unplugged

Our friends at continue to offer excellent resources on the web. They are best known for the NET Bible, available on their site as a free download. Many of my colleagues at Dallas Seminary have worked on that project, and you can tell. It has 61,000 translators' notes! also hosts The Theology Program, an ambitious and well-conceived project that makes quality theological instruction accessible over the web. Their aim is to equip "people, churches, and pastors to understand and defend the Christian faith." Well, pastors are people, too (most of them, anyway), but check out the site and you will see what they mean. Be sure and look at the portion called Converse with Scholars, where you will find their interview with . . . me.

While you are checking out these resources, you might also take a look at Jonny Baker's blog. Jonny works with the Church Mission Society in London, and we had the privilege of meeting him at Princeton last fall. He consistently offers creative and practical recommendations for worship on his website. It is worth checking frequently for stimulating ideas.



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