Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The Weavings journal for March/April 2002 is open on my desk. Its topic is Creativity. The journal last month was on Mystery. It spurred me to teach, last week in church, on recovering a biblical sense of mystery. If you do not subscribe to Weavings, visit www.upperroom.org and get a subscription. It comes bimonthly and includes insightful writings from a wide variety of authors. Each edition centers around a topic. Essays, poetry, short stories, and more deliver a smorgasborg of delight.

In the Creativity edition, Wendy Wright writes of visiting her second daughter for the first time at college. Hear her words from "Potter and Clay":
What is the formative lesson of this autumn tide of my life? What is it to let the soft clay of my being be re-formed by the process of this second daughter's springtime flowering, her moving away? She was fashioned first inside me, took shape all those years under my nurturing hands. Now I open them wide and let her go, the fruit of this harvest season. What deep roots, stretching into hidden groundwaters, will the coming season of winter bring?

Good writing. A publication that I kept for reference now four years later. Valuable.



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